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•     Functional blocks with self-explanatory wave forms and technical details indicated on board.
•     5 Mic and 2 Aux Inputs.
•     Bass and Treble tone controls with Master control.
•     The different circuit boards of Public Address System are exposed on a PCB.
•     Two Speaker outputs.

•     Power Output : 80 Watt RMS Max.
•     Input Channels : 
        Microphone Inputs: 5 nos. 
        Auxiliary Inputs : 2 nos.
•     Tone control : Bass, Treble.
•     Speakers : 2 nos. 
•     Microphones : 2 nos. (Dynamic)
•     Power supply : 230 V AC 50 Hz.
•     Accessories included 
        Practical Manual 
        Connecting Patch Cords
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD 
        Mike & Speakers

•     Study the Block diagram and operating principle of Public Address System. 
•     Study the Functions of front panel controls/ keys of Public Address System. 
•     Study the Circuit description and functions of different sections. 
•     Observation of wave forms/signals of different sections. 
•     Measurement of voltages at test points of different sections. 
•     Switch faults and troubleshooting in different sections.

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