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PM Enterprise PME-2703 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Colour Television.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

•     TV Receiver in open form with all components & controls placed on single PCB.
•     Compact Design-Sliding Main board with locking facility.
•     Fully documented Operating Manual with glossary of terms.
•     Manual and remote control operation.
•     Detachable CRT Unit.

•     Standard : CCIR-B-PAL-G, 625 Lines.
•     Tuner Channels : VHF 2 to 12, UHF 21 to 68, S-band and Hyper-band.
•     Tuner Channel Positions: More than 100 Channel positions.
•     Picture Tube size : 53.34cms/21 Inch.
•     Sound output : 8.0 watts maximum.
•     Program Memory : 110 programs.
•     On Board Panel for setting of all control : 
        Manu key, Volume control key, TV-AV Mode Key, Channel +/- Key.
•     Onboard Blocks : 
        RF Tuner Selection (Works On UHF Band, LHF Band and VHF Band), Video I.F Section, Audio section, S.M.P.S Section, 
        Horizontal Section, Vertical Section, IR Transmitter Section, Picture Tube Sections and Discoing Coil section.
•     Audio - Video Input Socket Provide For DVD Input and DTH Input.
•     Fault Switches : 10 No.
•     Test Point : 21 No. 
•     Operating Power supply: 230V + 15% AC, 50 Hz.
•     Regulation range: 175V AC to 285V AC
•     Noise: 12 to 15% noise due to open PCB for live signal.
•     Included Accessories with Kit:
        Practical Manual 
        Patch Cord 3 nos.
        RF to RCA Cable Male and Female
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD

•     Study the Block Diagram & functions of Different Sections of Color TV.
•     Study the Input/output signals of different sections.
•     Study the Electronic tuner section.
•     Study the Video IF, Sound IF, Horizontal Oscillator, Vertical Oscillator, Color Decoder, Video Amplifier, E.H.T & SMPS Blocks with Circuit diagrams.
•     Study the Color Picture Tube Connections.
•     Study the IR Transmitter & Receiver Section.
•     Study the External and internal controls.
•     Alignment and adjustment procedure.
•     Study the Video and Audio gain (sensitivity) with Pattern Generator.
•     Study the Tuner's channels including “H” and “S” Band.
•     Test Point Voltages for different sections.
•     Test Point Waveforms for different sections.
•     Different types of faults with Faults diagnosis method.
•     Study the ICs used in different sections of Color TV circuits with Data Sheets.
•     Glossary of the Technical Words.
•     Study the Complete Schematic Circuit Diagram.
•     Safety Precautions.

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