Educational trainer


PM Enterprise PME-2704 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in LCD Television.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

•     Complete block diagram of a LCD TV system on-board.
•     The different circuit sections of LCD TV are exposed on a PCB.
•     Manual & Remote Control operation.
•     PAL/ NTSC video formats.
•     Composite Video output and RF output.
•     Easy measurement of voltages and observation of wave forms on test points.

•     Display Type : LCD
•     Screen Size : 17 Inch or above
•     Video Interface : Video Input/ VGA input 
•     Audio Interface : RCA Left & Right 
•     Audio Output Power : 5W X 2 
•     Receiving System : PAL BG/I/DK and NTSC 
•     On board Control : Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Color, Channel, Tuning. 
•     Channel Coverage : VHF-2-12; UHF21-69 
•     Antenna Impedance : 75 ohms Unbalanced 
•     Fault Switches: 5 No.
•     Test Point: 10 No. 
•     Operating Power supply: 230V + 15% AC, 50 Hz.
•     Accessories included: 
        Practical Manual.
        Connecting Patch Cords.
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD.
        Audio Video Cable.

•     Study the block diagram and operating principle of LCD TV.
•     Study the functions of front panel controls/keys of LCD TV. 
•     Study the functions of controls on Remote. 
•     Study and observation of waveforms/signals of different sections. 
•     Study and measurement of voltages of different sections. 
•     Study of switch faults and troubleshooting in different sections.