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PM Enterprise- PME -2301 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Different Data Communication Methods.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

•     Different methods of serial communication with Pin to pin study of serial port.
•     Different methods of parallel communication with Pin to pin study of Parallel port.
•     RJ45 Cross cable Communication.
•     Fiber optics communication.
•     USB High speed data transmission.
•     Bluetooth Wireless communication.
•     Printer interface.
•     Windows based operating software.

•     Serial Communication: Two RS 232 ports
•     Parallel Communication: Two 25 pin LPT ports
•     RJ45 Cross cable Communication: Two RJ45 ports
•     Fiber Optic Communication: 
        Transmitter: Fiber optic LED wave length of 660nm 
        Receiver: Fiber Optic photo Diode 
        Core type: Step indexed single mode plastic cable 
        Baud rate: 115200 bps 
        Fiber cable length: 1m
•     USB 2.0 Cable Communication
•     Bluetooth Wireless communication
•     Included Accessories with Kit: 
        RS 232 Serial cable - 2nos. 
        DB25 Parallel Port cable - 2nos. 
        RJ45 cable - 2nos. 
        Plastic Fiber cable – 1 no. 
        Patch cords 2mm – 10 nos. 
        Practical Manual 
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD

•     Serial Port Communication.
•     Parallel Port Communication.
•     PC-PC Serial Communication using RS-232 cable.
•     PC-PC Parallel Communication using DB25 cable.
•     Flow controls in Serial Communication.
•     Protocols in Serial Communication.
•     RJ45 Peer to Peer Communication.
•     Fiber Optic Communication. 
•     USB Communication.
•     Bluetooth Wireless Communication. 
•     Printer interface using parallel port.

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