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PM Enterprise- PME -2206 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Delta Modulation and Demodulation used in digital modulation system.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

•     Modulator and Demodulator on same board.
•     On board Sampling Pulse signal generator with variable frequency.
•     On board Synchronized Sine wave generator.
•     On board Comparator, Sample-Hold and Integrator.
•     On board Integrator and Low Pass Filter.

•     Sampling Pulse signal generator : 10 KHz to 1 MHz, Duty Cycle: 0 to 90% 
•     Signal generator : Synchronized Sine wave 
•     Frequency Range : 1KHz to 4KHz 
•     Amplitude : 0 to 5V P-P
•     Modulator : Comparator, Sample-Hold and Integrator. 
•     Demodulator : Integrator, Low Pass Filter - Cut off frequency 4 KHz.
•     Interconnections : 2 mm sockets 
•     Power supply : 230V, +10% 50/60Hz, 3VA approx.
•     Included Accessories with Kit: 
        Practical Manual.
        Connecting Patch Cords.
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD.

•     To Modulate DM signal.
•     To Demodulate DM signal.
•     To see the effect of sampling clock frequency on output. 
•     To see the effect of slope overload. 
•     To see the effect of step size.