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PM Enterprise PME -2415 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Laser Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver in Optical fiber Communication System.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

•     660 nm Laser diode source with external signal modulation facility.
•     Selectable Automatic Power control/ Automatic Current control mode. 
•     SMA connector for coupling optical power in to fiber. 
•     Optical intensity/ Carrier level control facility. 
•     Laser diode current and monitor photo detector current monitoring facility.
•     Free space communication facility through a line-of-sight path. 
•     On-board Photo detector & Power meter. 

•     Transmission Module : 
        Type : Laser 660 nm Operating 
        Mode : ACC & APC
•     Receiver Module : 
        Demodulator : Photo transistor 
        Power meter : PIN Diode
•     Included Accessories : 
        Fiber optic cable (Plastic) : 1 no. 
        NA measuring Jig : 1 no. 
        NA Measurement scale : 1 no. 
        Practical Manual 
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD) 

•     Study of V-I & P-I Characteristics of LASER Diode.
•     Study of ACC and APC modes of operation. 
•     Study of Intensity modulation and demodulation. 
•     Study of Propagation delay and various types of Losses. 
•     Determination of Numerical Aperture of Optical fiber. 

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