Educational trainer


PM Enterprise PME -2904 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Single Phase half controlled rectifier. Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students

•     Built in power supply.
•     Easy to operate and understand.
•     Firing circuits on single board.
•     On board rectifier components and load.

•     UJT Relaxation Oscillator for Control the Firing Angle of SCR
•     SCR assembly : 2 SCRs 
•     Bulb provided for the see the effect of firing angle on half wave circuit
•     Power Supply : 230V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
•     Accessories included : 
        Practical Manual. 
        Connecting Patch Cords.
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD.

•     To study the half wave controlled rectifier circuit.
•     To observe the effect of the effect of firing angle on half wave circuit.