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PM Enterprise PME -2507 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Wireless Sensor Network. WSN kit will help users to design their own WSN network and also help them to understand the overall concept & its applications.

•     Wireless network using Zigbee protocol
•     Onboard 16X4 LCD display on nodes
•     Pre-configured nodes, easy to operate and programmable nodes
•     ISM band 2.4 GHz. operation
•     Data collection from end device & rely to co-ordinator(gateway) via routers or direct to co-ordinator
•     Four analog / digital input connector on each node
•     Status indicators like association, data received, received signal strength (RSSI) and data transfer
•     Possible network combinations - star, mesh etc.
•     Compatible with Elvux Wireless Sensor Network - Windows software
•     Sensors’ readings on built-in LCD of node
•     Sensor type selection with keypad on node
•     Raw data can also be captured and send to co-ordinator
•     Real-time data relay to co-ordinator.
•     9 different sensors like temperature, motion, humidity, light, capacitive touch, sound, flame etc.

•     Elvux Software Features
        Live data grid and simultaneous graph plotting of all sensors’ data of particular node
        Data coping function on clipboard as CSV - comma separated values
        Voice output to PC speakers for motion detection or lights off - simulation as actuator
        Facility to perform custom calculations on raw data captured by sensors


•     XCTU Software **
        The facility for configuration and test utility for various Zigbee processors to know the status of wireless nodes in network
        Study end device parameters like, PAN ID, Baud Rate, DH address, DL address, SN high, SN low etc. 
        To study network topology


•     WSN Coordinator or Gateway
        ATMEL processor based coordinator
        Serial communication over USB
        Baud rate : 9600bps - default
        Frequency : 2.4 GHz
        Operating Voltage : +2.8 to +3.7V


•     WSN End Devices
        Low-power device
        Easy to install
        Node configuration port
        ADC/Digital IO Pins : 4
        Baud rate: 9600bps - default
        Indoor/Urban range : up to 60m*
        Outdoor RF line-of-sight range : up to 1200m*
        Supply voltage : +5 to +9V


•     * Indicative range only as per xbee device specification.
•     ** XCTU software is a property of Digi. Elvux does not claim any ownership upon that.

•     Understand the concept of Wireless Sensor Network
•     Learn different network topologies like star, mesh etc.
•     Interface analog / digital signaling of sensors
•     Graphical analysis of analog / digital sensors
•     Load firmware versions to end device and router
•     Learn to configure end device and router
•     Serial interfacing (RS232 protocol) between coordinator and PC
•     Learn to program programmable nodes

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