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The built-in measurement functions of GSP-9300 spectrum analyzer unclude 2FSK digital communications analysis, AM/FM/ASK/FSK signal demodulation & analysis, EMC pretest mode, Harmonic Distortion, TOI, Channel Power, OCBW, ACPR, SEM, Phase Jitter, N-dB Bandwidth, Noise Marker, Frequency Counter and Time Domain power measurement for burst signal, etc. Tracking generator, an option for GSP-9300 spectrum analyzer, provides supplementary functions such as measuring the insertion loss of RF cable and identifying the frequency response of antenna, filter or amplifier. The P1dB measurement function supports power sweep and P1dB compression point of active component.

•     Frequency Range: 9kHz ~ 3GHz 
•     High Frequency Stability: 0.025ppm 
•     3dB RBW: 1Hz ~ 1MHz 
•     6dB EMI Filter: 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz 
•     Phase Noise: -88dBc/Hz @1GHz, 10kHz Offset 
•     Built-in Measurement Functions: 2FSK Analysis, AM/FM/ASK/FSK Demodulation & Analysis, EMC Pre-test, P1dB point, Harmonic, Channel Power, N-dB bandwidth, OCBW, ACPR, SEM, TOI, CNR, CTB, CSO, Noise Marker, Frequency Counter, Time Domain Power, Gated Sweep 
•     Built-in Spectrogram and Topographic Display Modes 
•     886MHz IF Output for User’s Extended Applications 
•     Remote Control Interface: LAN, USB, RS-232, GPIB (Optional) 
•     Built-in Preamplifier, 50dB Attenuator, and Sequence Function 
•     Optional 6GHz Power Sensor, Tracking Generator, Battery Back

•     Range : 9KHz-3.25GHz
•     0.025ppm frequency stability & 1 ppm aging rate
•     RBW : 1Hz-1MHz
•     Fastes sweep time 204us
•     Sensitivity 149 dBM 1Hz
•     Built in EMI protect function
•     Quasi-peak/Arrange EMI detect mode
•     Built in spectogram, Topographic & split window display modes
•     Remote control EMI mesurement software
•     Interface LAN/USB/RS323
•     Tracking generator, GPIB & Battery Pack

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