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PM Enterprise- PM-2220 kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Code division Multiple Access in digital modulation system.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

•     Functional blocks with self-explanatory wave forms and technical details indicated on board.
•     On-board Pseudo-Noise Generator.
•     On-board Digital Data Generator.
•     On-board RF Carrier Generator.
•     Modulator and Demodulator on same board.

•     Pseudo-Noise Code generator:
        Data Bits : 16 bits Clock 
        Frequency : 100 KHz 
•     Digital Data Generator :
        Word Length : 8 Bits. 
        Bit Clock Frequency : 6.666 KHz 
        Data Format : NRZ.
•     On board Spreading Code Mixer 
•     On board Unipolar to Bipolar Converter 
•     Modulator : Coherent Binary PSK Modulator 
•     Demodulator : Coherent Detector and Low pass Filter cutoff Frequency 105 KHz 
•     Code Dispreading : Using EX-NOR gate.
•     Power Supply : 230V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz
•     Included Accessories with Kit: 
        Practical Manual.
        Connecting Patch Cords.
        Soft Copy of Manual on CD.

•     To Modulated CDMA-DSSS signal.
•     To Demodulate CDMA-DSSS signal.

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