Educational trainer


SCOPE OF LEARNING: Study of Angular Displacement Using Capacitive Transducer TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Digital Meters:


Front panel built with high class insulated Printed Circuit Board sheet with well printed circuits and      symbols.

  • Fuse for Short Circuit protection
  • Instruction manual.
  • Connections are brought out through 2mm Colored Sockets.
  • Patch Cords 2mm.
  • The trainer is housed in ABS Plastic cabinet.
  • Size of the trainer set 12”x8”


  • Multimeter

Digital Meters:

  • Voltmeter 200mV DC.

Power Supplies:

  • DC Supply IC Regulated +12V, +5V DC, 150mA.
    • Operated on Mains power 230V, 50Hz +10%

Components are mounted on the panels are:

  • Variable Gang Capacitor as Transducer.
  • Variable Resistor
  • 741 IC
  • Inbuilt Function Generator.
  • Inbuilt F to V Converter

Study of Angular Displacement Using Capacitive Transducer