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Study of Use of DC Power Supplies


  • Different controls for voltage and current controls  Fine and coarse controls for variation
  • Line Regulation is 0 .01%. +10% Line variation & load regulation is 0.05% from no load to full load
  • Our 3½ digit Digital Panel Meters are Compact panel meters for digital display of electrical quantities.
  • The output is short circuit protected with crossbar electronics fold back current limiting circuit.
    • Instruction manual.
    • Connections are brought out through 4mm Colored BTI-15 Terminals.
    • Power Supply is housed in Metal cabinet.
    • Size of Power Supply is Approx 13”x6” 

Power Supplies:

  • DC  Power Supply 0-30V DC, 2A
    • Operated on Mains power 230V, 50Hz +10%

Digital Meters:

  • Voltmeter 30V DC
  • Ammeter 2A DC
  • Technical specifications:
  • Output voltage:
  • 0-30+1% continuously adjustable
  • Output current:

0-2A+1% continuously adjustable

Study of Use of DC Power Supplies

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