Educational trainer


PM Enterprise kit is providing knowledge of the fundamental techniques used in Amplitude Modulation Receiver. Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Students.

  • It uses industry standard CPLD 95C108 with optional facility for 9536 and 9572
  • It communicates with computer through standard Webpack
  • It has a serial & parallel link which enable user to communicate with PC.
  • User can develop the circuit/schematic using Xilinx standard Foundation Series Software and any development tool for VLSI design available in the world.
  • It has various on-board interfaces:
    • 16x2 LCD module
    • Six Seven Segment Displays
    • Stepper Motor Controller Interface
    • 8x8 LED Matrix Display
    • EWSN Status LED's 12 Nos.
    • ADC/DAC Interface
    • RS-232 interface
    • Parallel JTAG interface
  • Four Data Switches
  • Switch Array
  • AT24C16 Serial EEPROM
  • 4x4 Keyboard
  • Power Indicator LED
  • On board microcontroller with 64K flash, 1K RAM ISP with required software.
  • It has I/O counter interface to enable it to connect various demo modules. This helps in man to machine interface.

Has a general purpose areas on board to enable it to incorporate additional circuit.

  • VPL-CPLD Card
  • Set of cables flat and serial
  • Application CD ROM
  • Data sheet of major components
  • List of experiments for CPLD as listed.
  • On board facility for variable clock generation.