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This is a single board Universal Embedded Kit based on PIC (Microchip 16F877A / 18F452) Microcontroller for any Embedded applications.

CPU: Microchip 16F877A / 18F452

Microcontroller 32 bit i/o port

40 pin zip socket with ISP Programming facility

On board pic kit 2 programamer no need of external programmer


 Onboard Application

8 LEDs to display Digital Output

8 Switches to give Digital Input each indicated by LED

16*2 Alphanumeric LCD

4 digit Seven segment displays

I 2C compatible

-24C512 EEPROM (64KB)

-DS1307 RTC with suitable battery

-8 Ch. 8bit ADC & 8 bit DAC using 1408

Temperature sensor interface unnel

Temperature sensor interface

24 I/O Lines Provided on a 26 pin FRC

Connector for external interface

On board supply +/- 12V, 5V is provided

Supply Input Voltage: 230V AC

On board serial interface using max 232

4x4 matrix keyboard

8 bit dip data switch

On board 2 channnel buzzer and relay interface

On board stepper motor and dc motor driver circuit

Individual selection of ports via 10pin dip header

User's Manual with sample programs for all on board features