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Parameter Measured: Strain in terms of Kilograms on a cantilever beam. 
Measurement System: a) Weights b) Transducer with electronic instrumentation. 
Transducer: Temperature compensated strain gauge. 
Type : Cu-Ni foil with polyamide carrier base. 

Gauge Resistance: 350 Ohms (Nominal). 
Gauge Length: 6mm. 
Gauge Width : 2.4 mm. 
Gauge Base : 12.5 mm x 4.3 mm. 
Gauge Factor : 2:1 (approx.) 
Transducer : Strain gauges mounted on a stainless steel Measurement cantilever beam. 
Configuration: Bridge with two arms as strain gauges (Wheatstone Bridge principle). 
Range: 10 Kilograms. 

placed in a pan fixed with the beam. 
Excitation Source: DC Regulated source. 
Tare Adjustment: Zero adjustment by a ten turn potentiometer. 
Readout: 3.5 digit digital display to indicate strain in kilograms. 

Test Points: Multi colored test points are provided at various stages in the circuit to observe waveforms and voltages. 
Indicator: Mains ON/OFF. 
Power Requirements 
Standard Accessories: Detailed Instruction Manual.