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About PLC

Micro 20; (12) 24 VDC In, (8) Relay Out 2.0 amps, 24VDC Power Supply

Number of Discrete Inputs/Outputs:

12 In / 8 Out (Supports 4 Expansion Units)

Number of Analog Inputs/Outputs:

Supports up to 4 analog expansion units (16 analog in/ 8 analog out)

Physical I/O Maximum:


User Program Logic Memory (Words):

24 K

Registers (Words):

32 K

Analog Pots for Data Adjustment:


Serial Port Connector Type:

RJ-45 (RS-232) port 1 and optional port 2 DB-15 (RS-485) or RJ-45 (RS-232) or USB or RJ-45 (Ethernet 10/100Mbit)


Both Ports: SNP, SNP X (Breakless),RTU Master and Slave 2 and 4 wire RTU Slave), SNP Master, Serial Read and Write; Ethernet SRTP, Modbus TCP (server) and Tunneling

Power Voltage:

24 VDC

Input Power Supply Rating:

10 Watts

Input Device Voltage:

24 VDC

Maximum Type A and B Counters:


Output Control Voltage:

Relay Out

Relay Maximum Resistive Load Rating:

2 Amps at 24 VDC and 240 VAC

Maximum Number of PWM/Pulse Outputs:

4 Type A and 1 Type B @ 100Khz (32 bit)

24 VDC User Power for Sensors:

435 mA

Dimensions (WxHxD) mm:


Programming Software:

Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer 5.0, Service Pack 3, Hotfix