Educational trainer


  • D.C. Motor coupled with A.C. Alternator (Rotating arm type or Salient pole type)
  • Outer yoke made up of High permeability steel.
  • Larger size of bearings for longer life and trouble free operations.
  • Suitable copper conductor with best quality insulated material used to give continuous duty.
  • Skewed Rotor construction with dynamically balance ensuring low noise.
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation for armature and field windings ensuring high insulation

  • Supplied with complete electrically panel consist of MS powder coated box with high insulation n Bakelite sheet of size 42x24 table top type.
  • It is completed with all digital meters to indicate the input and Output.
  • Front panel will be screen printing or engraving with proper circuit diagram
  • On board 3 Point starter connected.
  • DC power supply for operating the shunt motor is internally connected with short circuited protected with MCB.
  • The additional load bank is connected to load the alternator for full load with lamp load.
  • The field is controlled by the internally connected dc variable power source.
  • Required no of 4mm stackable patch cords will be provided having 1mtr. Length.

  • D.C. Motor Shunt 2HP
  • Field Voltage: 180V.
  • Alternator Voltage: 220V
  • Single Shaft
  • 1500 RPM
  • B3
  • SPDP
  • IP23
  • IC01
  • Solid Yoke Extension
  • 4 Educational terminals on Motor

Coupled with A.C. Alternator 3 Phase  

  • Output 3 Phase: 415V, 50Hz.
  • Excitation 230VDC/0.6A
  • Separately Belt Excited.
  • B3
  • SPDP
  • IP23
  • IC01
  • Solid Yoke Extension
  • Single Shaft Extension
  • 6 Educational terminals on Motor with neutral and field control input.