Educational trainer


  • Speed torque characteristic for self/separately excited Shunt Motor
  • Speed torque characteristic for over/under/level excited compound Motor
  • Speed torque characteristic for Series Motor
  • Study of cumulative and differential compounded motor
  • Starting methods of DC Machine using 2P/3P/4P Starters
  • Speed control of Shunt Motor using armature/field control
  • Speed control of Compound Motor using armature/field control

• Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to use of 4mm sturdy shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded Safety socket arrangements

All machines are mounted on finely painted sturdy base frame with easy machine

• With due emphasis on student safety machines operate upto 300W power levels and upto 1500

RPM, without compromising didactic use Able to draw all graphs.

DC multiwinding  motor with loading arrangement .with 2 spring balanced with friction pulley belt arrangement

1) DC Integrated motor with following specs: Voltage: Varm = 220V, Vfield = 220V, Capacity:

1HP/2 pole/ 1500RPM/8 terminals, Rotor construction: Standard commutator / brush

arrangement with laminated stack, brought out on 2 terminals, Stator construction: Separately

excited field winding with laminated solid yoke 2 pole and series winding brought out on 4

terminals,  with water cooled pulley.

Speed torque curve and efficiency of

  • Shunt motor,
  • DC series motor,
  • Separately excited DC motor,
  • DC compound motor
  •  Swinburne's test on DC Machine
  • Operations of machine with 2 , 3, 4 point starters
  • Starting & operating of DC Shunt motor, DC series motor, DC compound machine.
  • Speed control methods of DC shunt motor, DC compound motor & DC series motor by field or armature control.

Technical specifications of Electrical Control Panel.

  1. panel of Aluminum profile sturdy (4x2) flat panel (table top) system, carrying various high voltage components housed in ms insulated  enclosures (panel) to minimise shock possibility
  2. digital DC voltmeter (0-300V), DC Ammeter (0-5A) with polarity protection diode
  3. 2 point , 3 point & 4 point starter modules for various operations of DC machines.
  4. 4.        A dc power isolated power supply 220V, 10A for operating the DC machine control trainer.