Educational trainer


  • Dynamometer will be supplied with DC motor coupled to the dynamometer and a small operating panel mounted in aluminium extrusion channel 40x40MM.
  • Required digital voltmeter & ammeter for field control measurement of dynamometer.

These Dynamometers are suitable for testing of Rotating machines AC or DC, basically these are also used as indirect method of loading of any machine. 

Technical Specs : 
Power ratings available : 1KW
Voltage Input: 230V AC to Exciter unit 
Rpm of Machine 1500 
Single shaft extension, SPDP, IP23, IC01, B3, Class-B, S1, Solid 

  • List Of Experiments: 
    1) Load testing of AC Motor 
    2) Load testing of DC Motor 
    3) Torque calculation at various rpm 
    4) Speed-Torque Analysis
    5) Voltage-Speed Analysis 
    6) Speed reversal 
    7) Efficiency Analysis 
    8) Blocked rotor test 
    9) Cold Resistance & Hot Resistance 
    10) Motor Operation parameters 
    11) Basic Overhauling Know how