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• Load test of Universal Motor with AC supply

• Load test of Universal Motor with DC supply

• Speed control of Universal Motor

• Efficiency curve for Universal Motor

Universal Motor for AC Repulsion Motor for Electrical Lab for Electric Motors Teaching Labs - For demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Components, Starting methods, Speed-Torque, Wear & Tear & Maintenance of these motors packaged in small rating. Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided for study of features viz Starting methods, Speed-Torque, Effect of reduced voltage, Blocked rotor test. Technical Specs :

Power ratings available : 750W

Voltage Input: 230V AC 50hz or 230 DC

RPM: 6000 / 10000

Single / Double shaft extension, SPDP, IP23, IC01, B3, Class-B,

Short time duty, Solid yoke.
List Of Experiments :

Starting by AC DOL Starter Starting by reduced

AC voltage starter. Dc motor starter

Provided with loading arrangement on MS frame foot mounted heavy ms channel duly painted .

With 2 spring balances & friction belt water cooled pulley .

  • Aluminum profile sturdy flat panel (table top) system,carrying various high voltage components housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimize shock possibility
  • 2 pole MCB of 220 V/16A
  • Consist of 2 nos of (96x96mm) Digital meters one each for
  • On board single phase variable power supply & DC supply
  • Inductive proximity with rpm meter
  • Voltmeter & ammeter module
  • Single wattmeter module
  • Emergency stop