Educational trainer


We offer a DC motor coupled with 3 phase synchronous motor , synchronous motor is mechanically loading arrangement for alone motor operation.

• Load characteristic of 3 phase Synchronous Motor

• V curve/inverse V curve for 3 phase synchronous machine

• Current Locus for Synchronous Motor

• Voltage regulation of Three Phase Alternator by EMF, MMF & Direct Loading(UPF)

• Load characteristic of 3 phase Alternator

• O.C.C/S.C.C. test for 3 phase Alternator

• Slip test for 3 Phase Synchronous machine

  • Non breakable
  • High durability
  • Clear finish with customized designs
  • Smooth working
  • High output

  • Aluminum profile sturdy flat panel (table top) system,carrying various high voltage components housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimize shock possibility
  • 2 pole MCB of 220 V/16A
  • Consist of 2 nos of (96x96mm) Digital meters one each for
  • 3 point dc starter module
  • Push button modules to stop and run by field control method
  • Inductive proximaity trainer  with RPM meter
  • Dc exciter modules with panel meters
  •  Voltameter & ammeter module
  • Three phase power supply 0-440V, 4A per phase variac
  • Single phase 2 wattmeter module
  • Lamp load