Educational trainer


  • DC Regulated Power Sources Fixed +5V at 1A and -5V at 500mA.
  • DC Regulated Power Supplies 0-+15V at 500mA
  • 12 Nos of Logic Inputs are provided on board.
  • 12 Nos. of Logic Output provided on board.
  • 2 NOS. BNC Adaptor given on board
  • One Dual Range Digital Voltmeter on board.
  • 2 Nos of 7 Segment Display is mounted on board.

Power supply Trainer equipped with 3 pin fused power inlet 

  • 2 Nos. bread board provided with module box easily demountable and mountable. Bread board with size 170mmX62mm , 850 test points
  • Continuity tester for circuit connectivity.     
  • Function Generator 0 to 100 KHz is provided on board with sine, square and triangle.
  • One Variable Clock circuit is Provided on board with 1Hz Frequency.
  • Connections made up with 2mm brass pins.
  • Trainer supplied with 10 pairs of red and black 2mm patch cords.
  • Supplied with easy guidelines and full function instruction manual