Educational trainer


  • Trainer operated on 230V, 50 Hz + 10%
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Supplied with sufficient nos. of patch cords
  • Supplied with Computer Lead
  • Dimensions of  the Trainer will be 12’’x10’’ with Plastic Box Highly shock proof .

  • 850 points bread board  1nos.
  • DC Power supplies +5V, 500mA and +12V, 250mA ar available in the trainer to use various TTL & CMOS ICs.
  • 0-5V DC, with 250mA and 0-12V DC with 250mA are on board provided.
  • 15-0-15VAC is provided on Board.
  • On board 0-250KHz Function Generator is provided to the digital circuits with Sine, Square and Triangle wave and with Variable amplitude and Frequency.
  • Two Nos. Digital Meters are provided on board for Voltage and Current readout.
  • One Frequency Counter is provided for Function Generator Frequency readout.
  • On board clock circuit to provide the low frequency clock to the digital circuits.
  • 8 digital input logic high low switch.
  • 8 digital output indicators.
  • 2 mm sockets to make connections via 2mm patch cords.