Educational trainer


Trainer is intended for elementary as well as advance training of digital electronics. The trainer covers regular digital circuits by solder less inter connections through use of 4 mm brass terminations and patch cords. Various clock generators, logic level input / output indicators and DC regulated power supply are in built. The unit housed in sun mica finished plastic box enclosure with provision for safe keeping of mains cord, patch cords and top lid for protection during storage.

  • FIXED DC Power Supply: 5 V ± 0.25V / 150 mA (IC based regulated output).
  • DC Power Supply: 0-5 V ± 0.25V / 150 mA (IC based regulated output).
  • 2.5V Reference voltage given on board.
  • Logic Level Inputs: Eight independent logic level inputs  for High / Low status
  • 20V Digital Voltmeter given for Analog Voltage measurement.
  • 741 IC given for analog conversion as a driver.

  • DAC MC1408 IC given on board with block diagram and connections are brought out with pin numbers by 2mm sockets
  • Power On : Power ON switch with indicator for mains on indication.
  • Patch Cords : Adequate no of assorted colored multi-stand wires with 4mm stackable plug termination at both ends.( Stackable )
  • Power Requirement : 230V + 10% single phase AC.
  • Instruction manual : One detailed instruction manual with well thought out experiments covering the above topics




  •  needed.
  • 2 mm sockets to make connections via 2mm patch cords.