Educational trainer


  • Study of 1 phase induction motor starting and reversing.
  • Load test of single phase induction motor.
  • Study of 3 phase induction motor asynchronous type.
  • Study of Star delta, Direct on line, transformer starting of the 3 phase induction motor.
  • In Asynchronous motor provided will be squirrel cage induction motor 3 phase.
  • Study of Universal motor
  • Study of Synchronous motor & stating methods of 3 phase synchronous motor.

  • panel consist of starting and stopping methods of 1 Phase and 3 Phase AC motor.
  • panel consist of Forward and Reversing methods of 1 Phase and 3 Phase AC motor.
  • Panel size  42inches x24 inches
  •  Variable power supply source 8A per phase variac provided externally.
  • Variable AC-DC power supply source 5A provided externally.
  •  Electrical panel consist of MS powder coated housing with back side removable.
  • Electrical panel fitted with front panel of high class insulated Bakelite sheet 6mm thick.
  • On board DOL(Single Phase and Three Phase) Starter provided on the front panel
  • On Star Delta (3 Phase) for Delta Connection Starter provided on the front panel
  • On board 3 Phase Forward-Reversing Switch  provided on the front panel
  •  With appropriate digital voltmeter, ammeter & wattmeter to record the readings.
  •  Short circuit protection with the help of MCB.
  • Connections through 4mm highly safety terminals
  • Supplied with instruction manual