Educational trainer


  1. Study of 3 phase transmission line parameters
  2. Study of different loads in ring and Radial distribution system
  3. Voltage and current measurement  under  3 phase balanced unbalanced load  at distribution transformer
  4. Transmission line loss measurement
  5. Operation of relays distribution protection system with overvoltage , over current , under voltage relay.

  • Electrical control panel with 1 Nos. 3 phase  3KVA transformer.(1KVA per phase)
  • Panel size 42”x24 and 36x26”
  • Distribution Protection with 3 Phase Over Voltage, Under Voltage combined and Over-Current 1 phase Relay
  • Transformer provided will be high quality copper wound
  • Primary of transformer of 440V and secondary will be 220V.
  • Transformer will be differently housed in a MS powder cabinet for easy carrying and other general use.
  • Transmission line made of RLC component for 400 meter. Line simulation.
  • Electrical panel fitted with front panel of high class insulated Bakelite sheet 6mm of thickness.
  • It is fitted with Digital voltmeter, ammeter to record the readings.
  • Short circuit protection with the help of MCB.
  • 1 NOS. 5A variable AC Supply is provided separately through variac for short circuit test.
  • 3 Types load system will be provided resistive (internally), inductive (Externally) and Capacitive (Internally).
  • Lamp loads are of star connected (2 nos.) and delta (1nos.) connected on the front panel.
  • Connections through 4mm highly shockproof safety sockets
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Digital Voltmeter Ammeter are connected on the front panel to measurement the electrical voltage current system.
  • Load distribution connected with 4 mm education terminals with 4 pole Mcb 4 nos.