Educational trainer


  • Electrical control panel 2 Wattmeter and Power Factor Meter mounted on board
  • Panel size 36”X24’’.
  • Electrical panel fitted with front panel of high class insulated Bakelite sheet 6mm of thickness.
  • Circuit diagram printed on board with connections externally.
  • Short circuit protection with the help of MCB.
  • 4A variac given on board for voltage control.
  • Connections through 4mm highly shock proof safety sockets
  • 1KW Single Phase Resistive Load provided on the front panel.
  • On board 3A Capacitive load in Single Phase.
  • On board 3A Inductive load in Single Phase.
  • Supplied with instruction manual.
  • 4 mm Patch Cords Adequate numbers for interconnection.
  • Voltmeter Ammeter and Wattmeter are connected on the front panel to measurement the electrical voltage current system.