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Supplied with complete electrically panel consist of MS powder coated box with high insulation n Bakelite sheet of size 36x24 table top type. It is completed with all digital meters to indicate the input and Output. On board DOL connected. DC power supply for operating field is internally connected with short circuited protected with MCB. The additional load bank is connected to load the alternator for full load with lamp load. The field is controlled by the internally connected dc variable power source.

  • Supplied with Shunt Generator coupled with Slippering Motor
  • 3HP Slippering Motor coupled to 1.5KW Shunt generator.
  • Panel consists of MS powder coated housing with back side removable.
  • Electrical control panel size 36’x24’
  •  Panel fitted with housing of high class insulated Bakelite sheet.
  • On board DOL connected.
  • Rotor Resistance Starter externally
  • Sheet thickness 6mm.
  • With analog voltmeter and ammeter to record the readings.
  • On board resistive bulb load
  • Short circuit protection with the help of MCB.
  • 2A variable ac supply is provided on the front panel for field voltage.
  • Sufficient nos of patch cords
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Operated on 415V AC.