Educational trainer


: Analog Component Trainer is used toperform analog and digital circuit experiments.It very useful in Analog laboratories for performing analog experiment in colleges and universities. It also useful in testing circuit and making projects related to analog electronics.

*      On Board DC & AC Power Supply.

DC Regulated Power Supplies


:        Two Variable DC Regulated Power Supply of 0-3V & 0-30V/250mA.


:       One  fixed  DC  Regulated  Power  Supply  of



10 - 0 - 10V/ 500mA


*      On Board Resistances, Capacitors, Inductance, Zener Diode, PN Junction Diode, LED’s, Transistors (NPN & PNP) and Potentiometers.


*      Designed Fifteen (15) Experiments for Discrete Component Trainer.


*      Discrete componenets digram printed on glass Epoxy PCB & all important IC’s & test points are brought out on front panel & mounted on light Weight shock proof plastic cabinet.


*      Power requirement: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz

Standard Accessories : 1. A Training Manual

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