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Observe change in the carrier frequencyaccording to the amplitude of the modulating signal Calculate modulation index of the modulated signal. Recovery of modulating signal from demodulator circuit

*       In built IC based DC regulated power supply±12V/250mA

*       On board sine wave audio frequency signal generator Frequency: 2KHz & 4KHz

Amplitude: 0-2.8VppApprox.

*       Modulation using VCO 8038 (Carrier generator

internally 62KHz, 5.5Vpp)

*    Demodulation circuit using phase locked loop IC LM 5 565 Glass Epoxy PCB used as front panel & mounted on light Weight shock proof plastic cabinet.

*      Circuit diagram printed on glass Epoxy PCB & all important IC’s & test points are brought out on front panel

*       Power requirement: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz

*       Standard Accessories :   1. A Training Manual.

  1. Connecting Patch cords

*       Optional Accessories : Dual Trace CRO 20MHz


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