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Portable Wheatstone Bridge has been designed to measure the Low and HighResistance values in range of 0.001Wto1MW

*.  Series Arm : Four decade dials in steps of thousands, hundreds, tens & unit of ohms.

*       Ratio Arm : The ratio arm of the bridge arecapacable of selecting multiplying factor of 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000 for resistance measurement.

*       Press Keys : Two press keys are provided, onemarked B is for battery & one marked G is for galvanometer.

Galvo Toggle Switch : One toggle switches isprovided for Internal galvanometer.

*       Terminal for External Galvo : Terminal are provided for external galvanometer connected in theseterminals for increasing the sentivity of the bridge.

*       Battery Toggle Switch : One toggle switch is provided for internal Battery.


*       Terminals for Test Sample : Terminals marked X are provided for connecting sample under test.

*       Galvanometer : A senstive Galvanometer is provided in the bridge. The senstivity of the meter is20mA/Div.


*      Standard Accessories :  1. A Training Manual.

  1. Connecting Patch cords