Educational trainer


  1. A Vacuum type photo cell enclosed in box (R,C,A 935)
  2. Stand to hold Photo Cell enclosed in box.
  3. Mercury Lamp housed in suitable box .
  4. Mercury Lamp Choke housed in box.
  5. Color Filters: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Voilet.
  6. Stand to hold color filter.
  7. BNC to BNC lead for interconnection.

  • Digital Voltmeter on board internally connected.
  • Digital Micro Ammeter on board internally connected.
  • Digital Micro ammeter Dual range switch selected.
  • On board DC IC regulated power supply 0-3V/250mA.
  • Power supply 230V,50Hz operated.
  • One 10 Turn Potentiometer to Zero Setting
  • 4mm sockets to make connections via 4mm patch cords.
  • Instruction Manual

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