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Transmission of Signal through Fiber Optic Cable. Study of Voice Transmission. To study the Attenuation of Signal when Transmitted from Transmitter to Receiver end.

*      DC Regulated Power Supply Section having Two Fixed Output DC Regulated 9V DC.

*      Transmitter/ Amplifier section consists of MIC (Microphone), Optical output.

*      Receiver/ Amplifier Output section consist of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and speaker

*      Analog & Digital Link Inbuilt.

*      Fiber Optic Cable for Transmission of Signal.

*      Power Requirement : 220V AC ±10%, 50Hz


Standard Accessories 

*      Standard Accessories : 1. A Training Manual.

  1. Connecting Patch cords
  2. Optical Fiber Cable


  1. Microphone (MIC)
  2. Speaker (External)

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