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Power Electronics Traing using Triggering Circuits has been designed to study the following Triggering circuits

  1. DC Bias alone triggering


  1. DC Bias with Superimposed AC triggering


  1. R Triggering


  1. RC Triggering (For Half Phase & Full Phase)


  1. UJT Triggering

*      One Step Down Transformer of 9VAC.


*      Fixed output DC Regulated Power Supply of 12 V.


*      One continuously variable, overload and short circuit protected DC Regulated Power supply of 0 - 2 Volt.


*      SCR 2P4M is provided on the front panel with output on sockets.*. One Bulb (6V DC) & Resistor (1KW) are mounted on the front panel for Load resistance (RL) changable from selctor switch.

*       Circuit diagrams for all the triggering circuit are printed on the front panel with sockets provided on the test points.


*      Power Requirement : 220V AC ±10%, 50Hz


*      Standard Accessories : 1. A Training Manual.

2. Connecting Patch cords

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