Educational trainer


  • Voltmeter:10V
  • Ammeter: 500mA
  • Potentiometer:500Ohm
  • Rechargeable NiCd Battery 1.2V of 2Nos.
  • Bulb 1.2V,270mA
  • Fan:1.5V,400mA
  • Buzzer 5V
  • Led 5V
  • FM Band Radio:12V
  • Dimesions:298mmx248mmx120mm
  • Solar Panel:

Consists of 6 Solar Cells Maximum Voltage of each cell:1.5V

Maximum Current of each cell:150Ma

  • Wind Mill of 15V


  • Energy storage.
  • Working of Led
  • Working Bulb
  • Working of Motor as a Fan
  • Working of  Buzzer
  • V-I Characteristics of  Solar Cell in series and parallel
  • V-I Characteristics of Wind Energy
  • Buzzer for Sound energy
  • Fan for electromechanical energy.
  • Voltmeter for voltage measurement.
  • Current meter for Current Measurement

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