Educational trainer


  • Experimental Training Board has been designed specifically for the study of Wheatstone Bridge. Using this bridge the value of unknown resistor can be found. The board is absolutely self contained and requires no other apparatus.
  • Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for science and engineering students.
  • Object:
    01. To study Wheatstone Bridge
    02. To measure value of unknown resistance.
  • Features:
    The board consists of the following built in parts:
    01. +5V D.C. At 100mA IC regulated power supply internally connected.
    02. Galvanometer, ANALOG to read 30-0-30.
    03. Six decade resistance of different range.
    04. Adequate. no. of other electronic components.
    05. Mains ON/OFF switch, Fuse and Jewel Light.
    * The unit is operative on 230V ±10% at 50Hz A.C. Mains.
    * Adequate no. of patch cords stackable from rear both ends 4mm spring loaded plug length ½ metre.
    * Good Quality, reliable terminal/sockets are provided at appropriate places on panel for connections/ observation of waveforms.

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