Educational trainer


1. Voice transmission through optical fiber cable.
2. To study transmitter circuit & calculate its output power
3. To study receiver circuit & calculate its input power
4. To study the attenuation of signal between transmitter & receiver end.
5. Measurement of numerical aperture


  • In built IC based Fixed DC Regulated Power Supply +12VDC/100mA.
  • On board 1KHz sine wave oscillator provided.
  • Input amplifier stage using TL074.
  • Optical transmitter
  • Optical Receiver
  • Low Pass filter given on board.
  • AC amplifier given on board.
  • Power Amplifier given on board with volume control.
  • Circuit diagram is printed on glass epoxy PCB & different combination of resistance.

Test point are brought out on front panel 


  1. Adequate no of 4mm Patch Cords required for the Experiments.
  2. Microphone for Voice Transmission.
  3. Speaker for Voice Receiver End.

Optical Fiber Cable 1 Meter Length

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